Xiaomin L.-Australia

Hello!!! My name is Xiaomin Liu and I’m from Xi’an, China. I am the graduate student at Patel College of Global Sustainability in University of South Florida. I have been U.S. nearly two years. I used to study Sociology in my college. All the reasons why I am in this program can be ascribed to one simple aspect: Green. I love Green since I was a child. It is a passionate and impressive color. Green has a huge power to attract me to care about the environment and protect the Nature. I met a group of awesome people in my college that have the same passion and dreams with me. They did pretty great on sustainability no matter for study or their personal lifestyles, which also inspires me. I am concentrated on Sustainable Tourism and Renewable Energy. I love travel and I really enjoy the beauty of the Nature. I will do my internship in Ecotourism Australia in Brisbane, which is a non-profit ecotourism certification organization. Also, I will do my another internship in Iceland from September, in Sólheimar, a historical eco-village and a great example of sustainable community. I will renew my blog and share those awesome places and their sustainable measures soon !!!


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