William K.-Italy

I graduated from Furman University in 2010 with an undergraduate degree in Political Science. I chose the field of sustainability because I’d like to leave the world a better place than I found it. After two semesters at PCGS, I was fortunate enough to be hired by the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce or Orlando, Inc. There I will be serving as project manager for the host committee that will be drafting and submitting a bid for the 2019 World Chambers Congress.

My research involves supporting the case that sustainability should be the focal point of the 2019 WCC should Orlando win the bid, and the economic, environmental and social impact that hosting such an event could have on the Orlando Area. My travel plan has two phases: the first is a visit to the 2015 Milan Expo and the second, a visit to the 2015 World Chambers Congress in Turin, Italy.


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