Shelby C. – Germany

After graduating in 2012 from the University of South Florida with my undergraduate degree, I moved to Fuzhou, China to pursue a career in education and further develop my Mandarin Chinese. Having lived in both China and Taiwan, I was given a unique insight into the serious implications of environmental degradation, our dwindling natural resources, and the importance of developing sustainably. My
concentration is in Sustainable Energy, and I am hoping to encourage and enable everyday people to make more conscious decisions.

Having spent three years in Asia, I am enthusiastic about the prospect of a new challenge in a new country. I am excited to support a mission that reflects my own goals of promoting a more sustainable, holistic future for policies, technologies and the communities they serve. Germany is at the forefront of renewable energy and I will walk away from the internship with a stronger understanding of what is in store for the global community.

Project: Expanding Sustainable Transportation in Karlsruhe, Germany: Greening Passenger Vehicles with Biofuels and Electric Vehicles