Katie N.

I am a student of the Patel College for Global Sustainability, with a concentration in Sustainable Tourism. This is my final stretch before graduation. I have been drawn to the environmental field my entire life, and received my Bachelors in Environmental Science and Coastal Management form Eckerd College. PCGS has offered me the opportunity to narrow my focus to a topic that touches all of the unique nooks of the world, tourism. I chose Saint Lucia as my main focus for my research as they have proclaimed to have made great efforts to enhance their sustainability in their tourism industry. I seek to document their success and find areas for improvement. If all is as stated, I want to form a basic road map for other like-nations to follow in their footsteps. I have been graciously welcomed by my host mother- Deeps Girdari who will act as my tour guide through the tiny island.


The name of my project: Observation of Best Practices in Climate Change Mitigation Within the Tourism Industry: Case Study from the Caribbean: Saint Lucia.