I have been a student at USF for almost 6 years and recently received two undergraduate degrees in Biology and Finance. I chose these two separate topics because I wanted an integrative foundation for my future career goals as a Physician of Osteopathic Medicine. While applying for medical school I decided to pursue a degree in Global Sustainability with a concentration in water because it is an essential topic in public health. I was also very exited to obtain a summer internship with an international health organization.

I was fortunate to receive an internship with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)/ World Health Organization (WHO), which is the exact organization I was hoping to work for. Although my internship is not international, Washington D.C. is a significant hub of international activity and the majority of the people I work with at PAHO/WHO are from all over the world. I hope to network with a variety political and public health professionals so that I can further my goals within international medicine. I am attending medical school shortly after my internship and plan to return to PAHO/WHO as a physician. During my internship, I will be helping PAHO/WHO draft an updated report on the impact of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) within the Americas and participate in international conversations with other public health organizations from various countries. NCDs include: heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and lung/Digestive Disorders.  My research deals with the connection between the increase of NCDs and anthropogenic influence. As more countries began to develop it is crucial that governments have sufficient public health infrastructure to secure the quality of life for its citizens. Many of the goals of PAHO/WHO to mitigate the NCDs include sustainability efforts, such as preserving environmental quality, food security, investing in social capital, and increasing international collaboration.


My Project is called: Non-Communicable Diseases: An Emerging Epidemic of the Anthropocene Epoch.

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