Holly P.- Belgium

I study at Patel College of Global Sustainability, USF Tampa, and have a concentration in Sustainable Tourism.  Tourism destinations tend to be naturally beautiful, ecologically diverse, and culturally rich.  My goal is to aid in the protection of these valuable characteristics through the knowledge I’ve gained with Patel, Project Management training and the experiences to be had with jLag Europe and FEST.

A graduate student.  A nature lover.  A people-person and a traveler.  My goal of studying sustainability and engaging in this cooperative effort with Jlag and FEST is to learn how to blend those pieces of me to create good in this big, beautiful world.  Through research of Jlag and FEST’s PM4SD™ program, I hope to develop an in depth knowledge of capacity building, its roles, barriers and best techniques for implementation.  Capacity building gives people the best chance for success with the resources they have.  Teaching people how to recognize and utilize their resources efficiently can protect our planet, offer opportunities for the underprivileged and lead to more efficient economic gains all around.

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