Daniel S.- Canada

Studying philosophy combined with a deep care for conservation led me to the field of environmental ethics. Before pursuing this interest further I wanted to obtain actual field experience like the pioneers of this genre of ethics (Aldo Leopold and Garrett Hardin to name a few). After deciding to seek this field experience, the Master of Art program offered by the Patel College of Global Sustainability gave me a great opportunity to ease into this and the Water Concentration they offer furthered my opportunity to familiarize myself with the most important resource in the world. So to move from studying philosophy and ultimately end up interning with Aqua-Tex Scientific Consulting Ltd. based out of Victoria, BC, Canada gave me exactly what I desired coming into this masters program. The field and site visits I will be embarking on as well as spending the next two months working everyday with scientists will greatly broaden my perspectives and give me practical experience to compliment all of the theory I have worked with so far. While in Victoria I plan to write a case study that compares natural or green infrastructure to built or gray infrastructure. Green infrastructure uses the infrastructure that nature has already provided us, an example is conserving a wetland to increase water quality and supply. Gray infrastructure can be understood as human-engineered infrastructure and an example of this can be a water treatment plant. What I hope to find from my research is that green infrastructure can provide the same services as gray infrastructure in a more cost effective manner while raising the surrounding property values due its aesthetically pleasing qualities.

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