I am concentrating in both water and sustainable energy.  I am studying sustainability for multiple reasons, the primary two being that I am highly passionate about all of the topics it entails and that I feel it is my responsibility as a global citizen to do as much as I can to protect the integrity of our planet.

I chose this location because I wanted to experience what I have studied first hand, in the field.  The particular region I am traveling to is in need of water, sanitation, and hygiene, sustainable energy, sustainable agriculture, and climate change education solutions and blueEnergy is working hard to provide these.  I truly believe in the good that blueEnergy is doing and support their model of permanence and involvement of the local people.  Also, the diverse and untouched culture and landscape of the region will be truly inspiring.

Improving the Biosand Filter in the South Atlantic Autonomous Region, Nicaragua

Through a fellowship engagement with blueEnergy in Bluefields, Nicaragua I will be conducting research to better understand the current standing, construction, operation, deployment, and acceptance of the blueEnergy biosand filter in the South Atlantic Autonomous Region of Nicaragua.

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