Chonlathan (Sue) N.- Sweden

Hi, my name is Chonlathan, you can call me “Sue”. I come from Bangkok, Thailand. My last major was the economic development from Economic School of Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand. I would say I am a treehugger who loves traveling and taking photos among the nature.  Sustainability represents a balance of our society, economy and ecology. Sustainability connects our lives to the mother earth again with taking and giving it back like cycles.

My final project is “International Collaborating, Planning and Designing of Appropriate Technology for Sustainable Vertical Farming in Developing Countries”. Here, I come to intern with Plantagon International AB, the vertical farming company in Stockholm, Sweden. I come to learn how technologies can improve water and energy efficiency of vertical farming with organic approaches. Eventually, I would like to make this vertical farming happen in Bangkok! I want to be a good entrepreneur who can build a better society in sustainable ways. As a small person, I believe that collective actions from small people can be a big change for a better world.


Follow her adventure here.

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