Adit P.-Pittsburgh

Throughout my undergraduate and master’s career environmental science and sustainability has been a passion of mine. As each year passed, I found myself immersed even deeper into these wonderful fields. Having gotten an all-round experience in both the technical aspects and policy aspects the one that resonated the most was the technical side. Even though I did not have any idea of the job I wanted to do when I started my masters in Global Sustainability, one thing was certain I was going down the technical path.  My experience prior to starting my masters pertained to the water concentration but through various internships, serving on the university’s Green Energy Council and being a Sustainability fellow for the Office of Sustainability my path was clear the energy concentration was what I will be pursuing.

This summer I have accepted a prestigious fellowship with the Department of Energy working for the National Energy Technology Laboratory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  For 10 weeks I will have the privilege of combining both my environmental science and global sustainability degrees by doing research on abandon oil and gas wells and quantifying the methane emissions from them. This research is really new and empirical studies have not been conducted in this area so it is an exciting feeling to be part of something that has serious climate change implications. Looking forward to a productive and challenging summer!


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