Dr. David Randle

Dr. Dave Randle
Director of Sustainable Tourism

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Dr. Dave Randle holds a B.A. from California Lutheran University, an M-Div. from the Iliff School of Theology, and a doctorate in Spiritual Disciplines, Wellness and Environmental Concerns from the University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO.

As the first ordained environmental minister in the nation, Dr. Randle has successfully coordinated a national campaign to preserve water, wildlife, and wilderness areas on behalf of the Pitkin County Commissioners, served as political and environmental advisor to John Denver, and initial program development coordinator for John Denver’s Windstar Foundation. Dr. Randle was selected as one of the five lead off witnesses for hearings by the U. S. Presidential Commission for a Peace Academy & Conflict Resolution, and was one of six leaders for the 150 person Global Environment Team at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Following the Earth Summit, Dr. Randle worked with several local and national organizations to provide follow-up leadership training for peace, justice, and sustainability issues for intergenerational teams from local churches, youth from the International Four Worlds Earth Ambassador Program, the Salt Lake County Peer Leadership Development team, and a special leadership training in environmental concerns with youth involved in local gangs. In 2007 Dr. Randle directed the pilot UN International Days programs for World Water Day, Earth Day, International Biodiversity Day, World Environment & World Ocean Day.

Dr. Randle has a variety of consulting experiences including the program development, marketing, and leadership for the Breakthrough Cruise on the Mississippi Queen River boat, the Breakthrough to Excellence program at Walt Disney World, providing of a feasibility study for HOK architectural firm and the Medical University of South Carolina $20 million Wellness/Student Center, the Snowbird Wellness Program, and the SLC VAMC Leadership Development & Breakthrough Commitment System.


IDS 6938 – Special Topics: Sustainable Cities

IDS 6938 – Special Topics: Planetary Boundaries

IDS 6236 – Sustainable Tourism Development: Principles & Practices


Dr. Randle has been working to address environmental issues within the frame work of the United Religions Initiative where in collaboration with UNEP he developed the Earth and Faith Leadership Development Program that was piloted in the Olympic Village in Salt Lake City, and which received an Olympic Award and an award at the United Nations. During the Salt Lake Olympics Dr. Randle also directed the Olympic program on Ethics, Values, and the Environment, as well as the Olympic Peace Pole project. Dr. Randle also co-facilitates with Dr. Noel Brown the implementation of the the Call to Global Healing an international initiative which was created through collaboration with the United Religions Initiative and UNEP.

Dr. Randle is currently Managing Director for the Waves of Change International Ocean Institute Campaign and was selected as one of four Civil Society delegates for North America to the UNEP International meeting in Monaco The Waves of Change work focuses on the protection of coastal habitat and marine environments through the Blue Community program. In 2013 Dr. Randle produced a video series in collaboration with the Walt Disney Company Animal Science & Environment team to show Walt Disney Company Sustainability practices. In 2015, Dr. Randle co-chaired a consultation on sustainable tourism at Windsor Castle that included both U.N. representatives and global leaders from around the world and participated in the U.N. High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development as a guest of the UNWTO. Currently Dr. Randle is leading a team for four USF faculty to implement a grant to share best practices in sustainable tourism and marine science with counterparts in Cuba.


  • President and executive director of the WHALE Center
  • Managing Director of the International Ocean Institute Waves of Change initiative
  • Serves on the Global Sustainable Tourism Council International Knowledge, Networking, Education & Training Working Group
  • Serves on the The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) Research and Education Council
  • Serves on the board of directors for the Florida Society of Ethical Ecotourism
  • Program development coordinator, administrator and faculty for both the Colorado Mountain College Wellness Program and the Aspen Academy of Martial & Healing Arts, as Wellness Director and Administrative Staff for Deaconess Health Systems in St. Louis, MO, and developed an environmental leadership course for the Claremont Graduate School of Theology.
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