Making Connections

Over the course of these past weeks, I have had the pleasure to meet with several business owners, distributors, chefs, and industry professionals. These have been some of the most encouraging conversations I have had throughout my entire time at USF.

One of my favorite conversations took place just this last week when the general manager of one of my case study restaurants gave me a call on my lunch break.

We spent nearly an hour discussing their commitment to sustainability, and how it is essential to their business. This is not only because they are cutting costs, but also, they are preserving the area they depend on to attract repeat customers. This business lives and breathes sustainability. He made it known that this was not just some marketing buzzword they like to slap on their website. And their staff is really excited to tell you about it.

It is really nice to step outside the classroom, and see people in our backyard so committed to the changes we are championing.

Hope everyone’s summer is going well!

– Zach