Leaving Singapore

It’s the last few hours in Singapore. I’m pretty sure I will miss this place, where nice to travel, good to work, and comfortable to live.3-pic

Through this internship, I learned how to communicate with people in different background. it is nice to meet these people and make friends with them.


I love the weather in Singapore as well. It is a little bit like Tampa, sometimes it rains on the afternoon, but for the most of time, it’s sunny and warm.5-pic

Comfortable Work Environment

The place I’m working is a branch company of Steelcase, which is for sale and after sale services. during the work, we can help ourselves to have a cup of coffee or tea, and even free snacks.


The desks, chairs and sofa are all products of Steelcase their own. So during the work I can also enjoy the expensive furniture that I can not afford. In addition, at the corner of the office, there are a lot of material sample, including wood, textile, and plastics.


The mission boss gives me is to do a market research in Singapore about educational market. It is a challenge for me but interesting. Through the marketing research, I need contact with the potential customers, or even develop some potential customers. It is hard, but I’m trying my best.

Steelcase, the sustainable company

Steelcase Inc. is the global leader in office furniture, interior architecture and space solutions for offices, hospitals and classrooms.Steelcase is founded in 1912 as the Metal Office Furniture Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is an over 100 year-old company.


In this age of sustainability, Steelcase has a clear vision of sustainability: bring lasting value to customers, employees, shareholders, partners, communities and the environment.


This is a snapshot of some of the goals they’re reaching for and progress they have made over the last few years:

– Investing in Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) equivalent to 100% of their global electricity use

– $4.5 million donated in 2014

– 75% increase in volunteering in 2014

– 46% reduction in waste since 2010

– 22% reduction in waste

– 73% reduction in VOCs since 2010


They are providing the best solutions for customers by ensuring their work is the best solutions for environment. That’s why in every step of the way, through design, manufacturing, delivery and product lifecycle, they consider the impact of their work on people and on the environment as well.

Singapore, the Sustainable City

Singapore, as one of the greatest economy and finance centers, is a modern and sustainable city.

Singapore is located in the southern of Asia nad close to China, and it has a nick name – Lion City. Lion City has many scenic sports and full with fresh & pleasant air, you can speak Chinese or English there, but official language is English.

As a migration city, we can easily find people from different countries, such as India, Philippines, Malaysia, and China et al. It is amazing that such a small city can contain and so many people with different background. They work together , go shopping together, and have fun together. Maybe this is what so-called culture sustainability.

For environment, Singapore is famous for its clean street. It is thanks to the super high fine for throwing garbage on the road. The clean road and environment not only offers people a pleasant place to live, but also achieve the environmental sustainability in Singapore.



First View of Singapore


This post is kind of late, as I have arrived Singapore for more than a week. On the second day of arriving in Singapore, the Absolute Internship organized an activity called Singapore Scavenger Hunt, which aimed at making the newcomer to be familiar with this new city quickly. During this activity, we formed groups to take photos of assigned landscapes or actions to gain the credit.

The first impression of Singapore is clean. Although has the very high population depth, Singapore still keep the street clean. I couldn’t even see a piece of paper on the street, which hundreds of people are walking on.IMG_8037


The second key word for Singapore is multicultural. Because of the geography of Singapore, it attracted people from many different countries with different cultural background to this small place. During the Scavenger Hunt, I have seen many places with different cultural landscape, including Arab, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Malaysia, French, and so on.IMG_7982.JPG

It is amazing that such a small country can contains so many people from different culture living together. It is also amazing that such natural resource lacking country has such high-level technology and economy power.