Week 5-Achieving Growth while focusing on the Environment

I do apologize for the delayed post, it has been rather hectic at the office as there are new projects to be handled.

Last week I was predominately in the office conducting more research on the different companies I am looking to compare.  Although the sustainable companies look good, I may have to change the sample for non-sustainable companies due to the fact that they have implemented sustainability strategies and were featured on a similar list.  This will help to give me a more accurate comparison to see if sustainable companies are more valuable than non-sustainable businesses.

Along with the research efforts, I was also reaching out to local banks to see if any partnerships could be created for many of our different strategies.  When approaching these groups, they like to know how the growth will be achieved and also have a proven track record of success.  While looking to the marina strategy, we began to think how we could achieve our growth and to reduce overall environmental impact.  One area we found was in the racks we were looking to add.  We learned early on that a similar business failed and were needing to sell the assets immediately.  When we heard this news, we decided to pursue the owner to see if we could acquire his racks and transport them ourselves to our established marina.  We decided it would be more efficient to transport the already made racks to our facility than it would be to build new racks that could create more wastes from production.  At the same time we continue to pursue more green designations and may add more to the business in order to make the venture truly green.

Now to devote more time to further research.

Week 4-Growth and Partnerships

This blog is to reflect the events that occurred two weeks ago.  It has been rather busy and dynamic at the firm so please do forgive the delayed post.

Being involved in a Private Equity Firm as well as an Investment Advisory Firm, it is important for us to continue growing each entity respectively.  This will help the company to grow in size, increase our scope of services provided, and to develop new partnerships that will directly impact the firm and the clients as well as indirectly impact the local community.  To help us grow in these endeavors, we reach out to the local community to not only offer our business services, but we also outreach to the community to help make it a better place to work, play and live.

We have been active in several organizations that help to improve the local communities.  These groups include Metropolitan Ministries, Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful, and the University of Central Oklahoma Foundation.  These efforts help us to give back to the community through improving the local environment and by helping to provide an education for future leaders.  Along with these current opportunities, our team is always looking for more ways to get involved to help enhance the community locally with a global focus.

In regards to the business side, we always involve ourselves within the different community organizations that allow us to interact with local business owners and business leaders that share the same goal to grow their businesses and to improve the local community.  One of our goals in doing this is to ensure that healthy businesses remain in the area and are able to grow successfully while reducing any negative impacts that come from the business.  We don’t just focus locally.  We have been successfully internationally helping these businesses to continue their growth.  This has allowed us to establish and discuss partnerships with local businesses that specialize in business services to helping potential startups provide bio-diesel and other energy saving devices.

Week 3-Private Equity Action

Week 3 at my work place was definitely different for the AFLG Team.  Starting this past Tuesday, the AFLG team began to work with the team at Blue Pelican Marina.  This Marina is located in Hernando Beach and is a popular location for many locals to partake in fishing, boating and scalloping in the local waters.While there we were able to learn more about the marina by becoming more involved in the activities and getting to know everyone better there.  They have a goal to grow larger and to serve the surrounding areas outside of Hernando Beach.  Prior to becoming involved with Blue Pelican Marina, there were efforts being made to earn the Clean Marina designation.  This Green Designation would state that Blue Pelican Marina would have a focus on protecting the waterways near the marina and provide a clean environment for the employees, customers, and surrounding environment.  We decided to continue these efforts and put them as a top priority for the marina.  We have begun to diligently work on the application with the team to be submitted and potentially approved for the designation.  Currently we would b the only marina in Hernando Beach to have earned this designation.  The more I worked with the team, the more I learned how active and involved they were in the local community.  Each year they host several events to reach out to the community .  They treat everyone like family, from the very beginning of the day to closing time.  To continue their growth efforts, we have also begun to look for more green designations for them to add to the marina.  The goal is to not only grow the revenues an implement their long term growth plans, but to make them as green and eco-friendly as possible.  We will be continuing our efforts at the marina to learn more about the business and to assist in their growth efforts.  While at the marina, we were able to take out one of the pontoon boats to explore the local waterways.  It was a breath taking site to see. We were able to even go in for a swim.  We look forward to continue working with Blue Pelican Marina and to see their continued successes.


Week 2-Monitoring the Markets

From September 12-September 16, I began to monitor the markets to see how companies with a sustainable focus  compared to companies that had a financial focus.  I took ten different companies to begin monitoring their progress and compare their respective outcomes.  These companies differed in which sector they cater to as well as to which index they appear on.  The main companies that are utilized which incorporate ESG, or environmental, social and government, strategies appear on an index known as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.  Each year, this index adds and removes companies from their index based on specific performance criteria and the specific principles that are incorporated into their company practices.  To effectively see how these companies compared, I took their price at the end of the trading day to see how they performed against each individual company.  What I saw was that each company performed similarly on a day to day comparison.  Looking at this data, it led me to believe that I would see little deviation from the selected companies.  This would mean that my study would not yield significant data that would either support or deny my hypothesis.  My next step was to take a step back and reevaluate my approach to see what research and work related activities I could do to approach the different companies.  At this point, I sat down with my work adviser and other co-workers to see how this problem can be approached.  To get a better idea of how these companies performed, it was derived that a historical look should be the main focus of the companies.  By this approach, it can be seen when the companies implemented the strategy, if they made any changes to their strategies and how the market reacted to those changes.  To help in the historical approach, data began to be compiled about each company in regards to when the sustainability strategy was incorporated.  Whatever data was available on their websites and other resources were utilized for the study and if there was no data available, then the companies would be reached out to in order to acquire the data.  After the data was acquired it was then stored in order to prepare for the upcoming weeks of monitoring and analysis.

Week 1-Introduction

Hello, My name is José Foradada and I am a current student here at the University of South Florida Patel College of Global Sustainability pursuing his Master’s of Arts Degree in Global Sustainability with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.  I currently am doing my Capstone Professional Research at AFLG Investments Private Equity, Private Equity firm in the Tampa Bay Area.  AFLG offers many different services, such as consulting companies, wealth management, M&A advisory, and direct investments.  At this firm I participate in many different strategies as the Vice President of Business Development.  These strategies include Consulting, Mergers and Acquisitions, Real Estate and Analysis.  With my experience and my education, I am looking to conduct my research on established companies that traded on public indices.  The reason I chose to do this strategy is to see if incorporating sustainability into company practices has raised the value of a company stock.  It is important that individuals and investors are aware of company activities in order to make an impact for future generations.  During my first week, I began by compiling a list of companies that are listed on different exchanges to be my sample for analysis during this project duration.  At the same time I began to add more information about investing, socially responsible investing/investments, as well as the methodology I will be utilizing throughout my eight weeks of analysis.  It my goal is to establish this correlation in order to help advise clients on smarter investments that will help to add value to their portfolios and to their financial strategies.  I am excited to see what the results will yield and look forward to utilizing what I have learned in the workplace and in the classroom toward developing this research.