Exploring Kauai

Beside doing the research for the possible solution of solar panel and being the volunteer for the local farmer, I also explore the island. I used to think that Kauai might be similar to the Tampa because both cities are popular by the sunshine and beach. However, After I came to here, the humidity is totally different. In Kauai, I can obviously perceive that humidity is higher than Tampa. The most impressive is chickens. In Kauai, there are several wild chicken out there. It’s very interesting for me because I never see wild chicken since I was born.


Interview with local farmer

In the third week of internship in Kauai, We went to interview with several local farmer to understand their situation and opinion in using of energy. Normally, the local farmers live next to their farms. They usually use electricity to power their agricultural needs such as the lights, irritation, or mower. They prefer to install the rooftop solar panel. After they install the solar panel, the first challenge they face is the geckos. The geckos like to bite the inverter, which cause serious damage for them. Although the inverters usually have warranty, solar power is main energy source for the local farmers in their warehouse. The interviewing with the local farmers benefit me a lot for my research project. It make me to totally understand every situation the local farmers face.


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Farmers Union Meeting

13442235_1115914751764474_3447964151058590976_nIn the third week, we went to the farmer union meeting to meet much more local farmers. In this the farmers union meeting, their organization and way to disuses totally surprise me. Usually, I thought that this farmer union meeting might be a event that purpose is to connect local farmer. However, I was wrong. The farmers Union not only connect the local farmers but also teach local farmers about the latest agricultural knowledge. As the figure show, the host stands in front of local farmers and then teaches those farmers about a organic agricultural book published by a Korean agricultural doctor. The farmers focus on the lecture and take note that even harder than the classmate who I met in class at USF. After the theory lecture, each farmer give their practical experience to show what challenge they face. I am very surprised the this logical and organized way to maintain the meeting. I also feel that a lot of people put their effort in sustainability.

Happy volunteer

After the first week of orientation, all of the interns were got used to live in the Kauai. Although our mission is to research the possible solution for the solar panel, we also help the local farmer to do what they need. As the figure show, we were the happy volunteers for the local farm to build the fence that they need. I was so happy to be the volunteer for the local farmer, which makes me to understand how hard work they do.13442283_1115914841764465_6343951989120086492_n Moreover, the local farmers teach us what they plant and how they plant the non-GMO fruit. They patiently illustrated knowledge that they have. In the second week of internship in the Kauai, I not only help the local farmers to build the fence but also learn a lot of information about organic food. The following figure show the information of seed that local farmer plant.

First Week in Kauai

13418852_1115914888431127_7906260753746635636_nAfter eight hours fly from the Tampa to Kauai, I finally got Kauai to start my trip of internship. In the first day of working for the Greenworks, We went to the farmer to know every body to get familiar with the environment. However, My physical clock was disturbed by the jet lag so that I felt very exhausted and didn’t pay too much attention when the external supervisor led us in the farm for the orientation. But, I feel very excited due to the fact the farm that I work for grow every organic plant. They don’t use any pesticide and chemical product to nurture the plant. This situation motivates my confidence in helping the local farm to become more sustainability. Because they care about the sustainability, renewable energy that I research for will help them to be greener.