Rhinos, Penguins, and Internships…oh my!

Things have picked up quite a bit with the zoo and the aquarium, so I haven’t blogged in a while. The aquarium surveys are going well, I’ve gotten 10 people taking the survey each day the last few attempts. The dolphins have also been cooperating, so that’s nice. The zoo has opened up its “Dinos Alive” exhibit, which has meant a lot of marketing opportunities for us interns, as well as some fun on-site. We’ve been delivering dinosaur themed gifts to the local hotel employees, including “mochasaurus” and “tea-rex” mugs. I also attended Feast with the Beasts, an evening where local restaurants came to the zoo and provided endless samples. At this event the zoo was also open to the guests, and it was great fun to drink wine while watching the elephants frolic.

Most exciting recently was when the marketing team was invited to attend the rhino encounter, where we fed one of the rhinos and were given a short introduction to rhino biology and conservation. This talk was also the start of my capstone project, where I will be assessing the narrations on-site, so it was incredibly valuable.

Here are some recent photos from my internships, one is during the rhino feeding, the other is a selfie with Rocky at FLAQ.

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