First day of Clearwater Marine Aquarium

When I started my first semester at PCGS, I was taking core classes to learn everything I possibly could in order to be able to narrow down to concentrate on what means the most to me. I also wanted to take internship opportunities to gain field work. As I was discussing with my internship coordinator possibilities, she said PCGS started a partnership with the Clearwater Marine Aquarium for internship opportunities. I felt this was a perfect fit for me! I applied for nonprofit management but ended up being accepted for dive operation team. After I found out I had been accepted, I cried from joy that the steps I took towards to that point is finally falling into place.

When I showed up at CMA for my first day of internship, I was really nervous about how to communicate with the team and my supervisor. It turned out they had a white board on the wall ready for communication as necessary. I was relieved by their thoughtfulness on alternative forms of communication. However, they went ahead with hands-on demonstration of what to do around CMA. I was surprised when they told me to put on a wetsuit, scuba dive equipment and get into the pool! The first pool we had to get into was the Sawyer’s Passage, filled with different turtles of various injuries.

They showed me the proper way to clean and the proper equipment to clean with. As I was observing the volunteer diver and their cleaning technique, I had a funny feeling. I went to look above and saw a humongous turtle aim for my hair that was flowing upwards! Their mouth was open and seemed ready to take a bite! In a panic, I moved backwards and circled around the turtle. The turtle still followed me, aiming for my hair. I didn’t realize my hair looked delicious to the turtle! It continued for 5 minutes, which was the longest 5 minutes of my life thus far. Finally, the other diver noticed and went to help gently push the turtle away from me. I signed to him, “thank you!” and he signed “welcome!”. Phew!

From that day on, I knew it would be exciting to work at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

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