Week 5-Achieving Growth while focusing on the Environment

I do apologize for the delayed post, it has been rather hectic at the office as there are new projects to be handled.

Last week I was predominately in the office conducting more research on the different companies I am looking to compare.  Although the sustainable companies look good, I may have to change the sample for non-sustainable companies due to the fact that they have implemented sustainability strategies and were featured on a similar list.  This will help to give me a more accurate comparison to see if sustainable companies are more valuable than non-sustainable businesses.

Along with the research efforts, I was also reaching out to local banks to see if any partnerships could be created for many of our different strategies.  When approaching these groups, they like to know how the growth will be achieved and also have a proven track record of success.  While looking to the marina strategy, we began to think how we could achieve our growth and to reduce overall environmental impact.  One area we found was in the racks we were looking to add.  We learned early on that a similar business failed and were needing to sell the assets immediately.  When we heard this news, we decided to pursue the owner to see if we could acquire his racks and transport them ourselves to our established marina.  We decided it would be more efficient to transport the already made racks to our facility than it would be to build new racks that could create more wastes from production.  At the same time we continue to pursue more green designations and may add more to the business in order to make the venture truly green.

Now to devote more time to further research.

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