Week 4-Growth and Partnerships

This blog is to reflect the events that occurred two weeks ago.  It has been rather busy and dynamic at the firm so please do forgive the delayed post.

Being involved in a Private Equity Firm as well as an Investment Advisory Firm, it is important for us to continue growing each entity respectively.  This will help the company to grow in size, increase our scope of services provided, and to develop new partnerships that will directly impact the firm and the clients as well as indirectly impact the local community.  To help us grow in these endeavors, we reach out to the local community to not only offer our business services, but we also outreach to the community to help make it a better place to work, play and live.

We have been active in several organizations that help to improve the local communities.  These groups include Metropolitan Ministries, Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful, and the University of Central Oklahoma Foundation.  These efforts help us to give back to the community through improving the local environment and by helping to provide an education for future leaders.  Along with these current opportunities, our team is always looking for more ways to get involved to help enhance the community locally with a global focus.

In regards to the business side, we always involve ourselves within the different community organizations that allow us to interact with local business owners and business leaders that share the same goal to grow their businesses and to improve the local community.  One of our goals in doing this is to ensure that healthy businesses remain in the area and are able to grow successfully while reducing any negative impacts that come from the business.  We don’t just focus locally.  We have been successfully internationally helping these businesses to continue their growth.  This has allowed us to establish and discuss partnerships with local businesses that specialize in business services to helping potential startups provide bio-diesel and other energy saving devices.

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