Carnival 2016

Doing my capstone project close to Belize City has turned out a lot better than I expected.  I’ve been able to go to the tourism expo and I made it to the carnival this year.  I used to watch it on TV before but never made the trip to experience it in person.
It worked out nicely because the portion of the training I’m doing with the villagers from Gracie Rock this week is about Belize’s culture.

Belize has many different cultures and everyone gets along.  All the culture’s have their own way of expressing themselves through music, language, dance, clothing, food, etc.  I got to experience the Mestizo culture the last time in Orange Walk.  This time I experienced the Belizean Creole in full swing at Carnival 2016 in Belize City.  As we are learning this week in my project at the village, the Belize Creole is a mix of African and European ancestry.  There are many aspects of our culture that can be traced to African or European origin. Carnival is very popular in the Caribbean and is becoming just as popular in Belize.  Showcasing and marketing this colorful and vivacious event is a great opportunity for the tourism industry.  The Belizean diaspora is a huge market and many return in the month of September to experience carnival and celebrate our Independence Day.

Carnival attracts people of all ages.  There were many different groups who participated in the carnival parade this year. Many private sector businesses support this annual event.  Its a time for people throughout the country to unite and celebrate.  There was even a steel band performing in the carnival parade this year.

In the end I got lots of pictures and videos which I used in the project I’m doing in the village.

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