Planting for the Future

This week on the farm I helped in the completion of our nursery. We transplanted 288 different blueberry trees into pots, that will be sold to customers interested in growing their own berries. Each tray contained 72 blueberry saplings of two different variety. The types of blueberries we currently have in our nursery are Arcadia and Scintilla. Although this may not seem like a difficult task it proved to be most time consuming even for two people.


The process consisted of wetting the soil to make the saplings easy to remove from their tray. Then we recycled planters from previous plants used on the farm and filled them with our compost that we have been making. After a  work table worth of pots was filled we then created some holes in the compost and filled them slightly with concentrated fertilizer called, WormGold. The fertilizer is chicken feces which is then processed by worms in the form of castings. After adding the concentrate to the holes, we then placed each plant in a pot then filled in the hole. This process took over 4 hours to complete, but is paving the way for the future of the farm. In the right photo you see the 288 re-potted blueberry saplings lined up in the nursery. The sprinklers are set to water these little plants every hour for 1 minute each day.

While on the farm this week I again sprayed the organic pesticide combination of Neem oil and Thermx on the passion fruit and other trees. Our regiment of Thuricide has begun to take control and has kept the caterpillars off our passion fruit vines for a week at least. Therefore, this week I did not have to spray the Thuricide on the trees further reducing the additives that come in contact with our plants. The social media is also making great strides as well. We are currently on average per week reaching well over 1,500 people through our Facebook page alone. Our total likes for the page are currently 519 and 59 followers on Instagram.This week as of Monday we have reached 512 people in 2 days with only 2 posts. I hope this rise in customer interaction equates to more visitors to the farm during the growing season. The property is covered in passion fruit as well as blueberries. As for the chicken coop, we still are working on getting the wire up on the support beams. Just another step to making Bob’s Berries more sustainable.


Plans for the future also include vertical strawberry gardens to be completed by the end of this year. Also, we reused the remaining gutters from the vertical gardens to create a hanging herb garden. Included in this garden is sweet basil, purple basil, oregano, rosemary, parsley, chives, and some short sweet carrots. Beyond the fence you can see the parts we will be using to create the vertical strawberry gardens. The design will feature triangle plywood supports that hold three gutters worth of strawberries. The garden should house around 108 plants all with drip irrigation and space saving design.

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