Week 3-Private Equity Action

Week 3 at my work place was definitely different for the AFLG Team.  Starting this past Tuesday, the AFLG team began to work with the team at Blue Pelican Marina.  This Marina is located in Hernando Beach and is a popular location for many locals to partake in fishing, boating and scalloping in the local waters.While there we were able to learn more about the marina by becoming more involved in the activities and getting to know everyone better there.  They have a goal to grow larger and to serve the surrounding areas outside of Hernando Beach.  Prior to becoming involved with Blue Pelican Marina, there were efforts being made to earn the Clean Marina designation.  This Green Designation would state that Blue Pelican Marina would have a focus on protecting the waterways near the marina and provide a clean environment for the employees, customers, and surrounding environment.  We decided to continue these efforts and put them as a top priority for the marina.  We have begun to diligently work on the application with the team to be submitted and potentially approved for the designation.  Currently we would b the only marina in Hernando Beach to have earned this designation.  The more I worked with the team, the more I learned how active and involved they were in the local community.  Each year they host several events to reach out to the community .  They treat everyone like family, from the very beginning of the day to closing time.  To continue their growth efforts, we have also begun to look for more green designations for them to add to the marina.  The goal is to not only grow the revenues an implement their long term growth plans, but to make them as green and eco-friendly as possible.  We will be continuing our efforts at the marina to learn more about the business and to assist in their growth efforts.  While at the marina, we were able to take out one of the pontoon boats to explore the local waterways.  It was a breath taking site to see. We were able to even go in for a swim.  We look forward to continue working with Blue Pelican Marina and to see their continued successes.


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