Tourism Expo

Things have been going great with my capstone project in the village of Gracie Rock. It is a wonderful experience to be working on a project like this.  The work I’m doing is directly impacting those who need it.

Apart from the community project, I recently attended a Tourism Expo in one of the Northern towns of Orange Walk.  It was an exciting time as many of the local businesses came out and showcased what they offer to the public and visitors.  There were many booths which promoted local products and services for the tourism industry.  Some of the organizations present included the Belize Tourism Board, Belize Tourism Industry Association, Belize Trade and Investment Development Service, the local Tour Guide Associations and other business promoting their local products.  I have been to the Northern part of the country numerous times before but was unaware of all it had to offer. Some of these are shown in the pictures below.

The town council was actively promoting the local culture of the region.  They were Mestizo dances which were performed by the local culture, proudly displaying their traditional clothing and colors. Many visitors come to Belize to experience our diverse culture, tasting the delicious food, dancing to the rhythmic music, and hoping to get a holistic cultural experience.  During the Tourism Expo, the crowd was treated to some remarkable dances of the Mestizo Culture.  The Mestizo is a culture with a mix of Maya and Spanish ancestry.  As such, some aspects of both the Maya and the Spanish are present in this culture. The pictures below are from one of the dances performed that day.

This was an interesting and exciting experience. I learned a lot about this region.


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