Week 1-Introduction

Hello, My name is José Foradada and I am a current student here at the University of South Florida Patel College of Global Sustainability pursuing his Master’s of Arts Degree in Global Sustainability with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.  I currently am doing my Capstone Professional Research at AFLG Investments Private Equity, Private Equity firm in the Tampa Bay Area.  AFLG offers many different services, such as consulting companies, wealth management, M&A advisory, and direct investments.  At this firm I participate in many different strategies as the Vice President of Business Development.  These strategies include Consulting, Mergers and Acquisitions, Real Estate and Analysis.  With my experience and my education, I am looking to conduct my research on established companies that traded on public indices.  The reason I chose to do this strategy is to see if incorporating sustainability into company practices has raised the value of a company stock.  It is important that individuals and investors are aware of company activities in order to make an impact for future generations.  During my first week, I began by compiling a list of companies that are listed on different exchanges to be my sample for analysis during this project duration.  At the same time I began to add more information about investing, socially responsible investing/investments, as well as the methodology I will be utilizing throughout my eight weeks of analysis.  It my goal is to establish this correlation in order to help advise clients on smarter investments that will help to add value to their portfolios and to their financial strategies.  I am excited to see what the results will yield and look forward to utilizing what I have learned in the workplace and in the classroom toward developing this research.

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