Steelcase, the sustainable company

Steelcase Inc. is the global leader in office furniture, interior architecture and space solutions for offices, hospitals and classrooms.Steelcase is founded in 1912 as the Metal Office Furniture Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is an over 100 year-old company.


In this age of sustainability, Steelcase has a clear vision of sustainability: bring lasting value to customers, employees, shareholders, partners, communities and the environment.


This is a snapshot of some of the goals they’re reaching for and progress they have made over the last few years:

– Investing in Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) equivalent to 100% of their global electricity use

– $4.5 million donated in 2014

– 75% increase in volunteering in 2014

– 46% reduction in waste since 2010

– 22% reduction in waste

– 73% reduction in VOCs since 2010


They are providing the best solutions for customers by ensuring their work is the best solutions for environment. That’s why in every step of the way, through design, manufacturing, delivery and product lifecycle, they consider the impact of their work on people and on the environment as well.

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