Singapore, the Sustainable City

Singapore, as one of the greatest economy and finance centers, is a modern and sustainable city.

Singapore is located in the southern of Asia nad close to China, and it has a nick name – Lion City. Lion City has many scenic sports and full with fresh & pleasant air, you can speak Chinese or English there, but official language is English.

As a migration city, we can easily find people from different countries, such as India, Philippines, Malaysia, and China et al. It is amazing that such a small city can contain and so many people with different background. They work together , go shopping together, and have fun together. Maybe this is what so-called culture sustainability.

For environment, Singapore is famous for its clean street. It is thanks to the super high fine for throwing garbage on the road. The clean road and environment not only offers people a pleasant place to live, but also achieve the environmental sustainability in Singapore.



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