First View of Singapore


This post is kind of late, as I have arrived Singapore for more than a week. On the second day of arriving in Singapore, the Absolute Internship organized an activity called Singapore Scavenger Hunt, which aimed at making the newcomer to be familiar with this new city quickly. During this activity, we formed groups to take photos of assigned landscapes or actions to gain the credit.

The first impression of Singapore is clean. Although has the very high population depth, Singapore still keep the street clean. I couldn’t even see a piece of paper on the street, which hundreds of people are walking on.IMG_8037


The second key word for Singapore is multicultural. Because of the geography of Singapore, it attracted people from many different countries with different cultural background to this small place. During the Scavenger Hunt, I have seen many places with different cultural landscape, including Arab, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Malaysia, French, and so on.IMG_7982.JPG

It is amazing that such a small country can contains so many people from different culture living together. It is also amazing that such natural resource lacking country has such high-level technology and economy power.

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