The Rosebud Continuum-way,way before and just after.

Once upon a time this property was entirely composed of citrus groves.  There were many long rows of orange trees forming a beautiful symmetrical pattern if viewed from the air.

Historical Photo 3- 1967

As time went by the citrus groves declined and perished ultimately being replaced by numerous, native Florida plants.  For a while, this ecosystem was probably relatively stable but ultimately it was invaded by many non-native species most of which were highly invasive.  This drastic change in the landscape created an environment which was not desirable either to native fauna or humans.  Many invasive species do not provide proper feeding or reproductive opportunities for animals or insects which inhabit the area.  Removal of the overwhelming majority of these invasive species plants is one of the most important goals of this project.  After removal the cleared areas will be replanted with native Florida species.  At this point the clearing project has progressed very nicely as can be seen in the following photograph.

Root balls of brazilian peppers


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