The Rosebud Continuum-now for the hard part.

Removing over three acres of invasive species is NOT an easy task even if you have a strong work crew and heavy equipment.  First you have to decide what you’re going to remove.  This is complicated by the fact that many of the undesirable invasive species are intermixed with very desirable native species.  My approach was to hire a Florida native plant horticultural expert, Dr. Craig Huegel.  He is an author of numerous books on native Florida plants and wildlife ecology as well as an expert on plant identification in the Central Florida area.  His guidance in determining what to remove, as well as the most effective and efficient ways to remove it, were essential to the success of the effort.  Many of the invasive species has been growing for a very long time and had become quite well-established in the area.  Several of the most undesirable plants required pretreatment with  very expensive and specialized herbicides.  These were very carefully mixed and applied in order to reduce any resultant damage to adjacent desirable plants.  Removing these highly invasive plants with purely mechanical means could have left behind enough material for the plants to regenerate. It was therefore necessary to make sure they were dead before attempting the removal process.  Along with the work crews several family members of the owners of the property participated in the removal project.

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