The Rosebud Continuum- now comes the fun part

At this point the overwhelming majority of invasive species have been removed from the property.  Although I am well aware of what my thoughts were for the master plan of the property, the newly cleared land provides even more stimulating ideas for what this area could be.  Along with Dr. Craig Huegel, my expert botanical advisor, we discuss and formulate possibilities for the newly liberated land.  One of the property owners, Maryann Bishop,  who always joins us as we walk and survey the property, gazes out upon the area which will end up being the wildflower meadow.

MB pointing to Wildflower Meadow Area

On the north side of the owner’s house two new structures have been built.  If you look closely in the next photograph you can see two chimney swift houses.  These were constructed in order to divert the birds away from the actual chimney on the house where they have been making a home during their normal roosting season.

Chimney Swift Houses

There are several bat houses which will be constructed closer to the lake and away from the home.  While there is no way to attract or make bats utilize the houses you have provided we all hope that the houses with their prime location next to the lake and a comfortably secluded area of the property will result in a bat family occupation.  We have also selected a beekeeper for the property and look forward to the imminent installation of the beehives.



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