The Rosebud Continuum-I can see clearly now.

In this very early phase of the overall master plan it is so nice to be able to see the forest without the invasive trees.  The removal of all the undesirable species is nearly complete at this point.  Many multiple acres of property have been cleared and the resulting debris will either be composted or burned.  If the removed materials are burned, any ashes or char will be collected and utilized in various ways.  Nothing goes to waste on this project.  The ashes can be used to return valuable minerals to the soil and the charcoal left behind can be used for filtration and other cleaning processes.

fence line that was completely overgrown.JPG

Gorgeous view of lake now

This is part of the lake was nearly invisible due to the overgrown forest of invasive plants.  One of the additional difficulties with this type of complete removal of plants is that it will create disturbed soil areas.  Seeds which have been dormant for many years can now germinate.  Some of these may be beneficial but many of them will be invasive species.  As a temporary measure we will use leaves and other debris to cover the disturbed areas.  Despite the challenges ahead it is wonderful to see some acres of newly recovered land free of invasive, undesirable plants.

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