The water flows from sustainable to unsustainable. 

It only took about 4 weeks to receive the water flow information for the Alhambra and Granada, but I was able to track it down. In the 13th – 15th centuries, it made perfect sense to build a palace on a river with water sources originating in the Sierra Nevada. The cool water that flows as a result of high altitude rain and snow, is a cooling element that gives life to the Alhambra and the Albacyn. However, the drinkable water that once gave life is no longer drinkable. The amount of unsustainable water and irrigation practices demonstrated at the Alhambra and the Albacyn are concerning. I found where they have added other water sources to the original supply in order to keep up the ambiance.

The water flows as such:

From the Sierra Nevada in a river directly to the Generalife. From the Generalife to the Nasrid Palaces and exiting to the Darro River in Granada as a water resource for inhabitants.

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