Crossing the Finish Line

This post is less about my internship, and more about me.

These last two years have been amazing…

I moved to Florida from Omaha, NE, began renting my first apartment, SHARED A BANK ACCOUNT WITH SOMEONE.

Also, I started grad school, got an adult job, wrecked a car, bought my first new car, got engaged, got married (along with attending several other weddings along the way), experienced what it’s like to get my car impounded (after returning home from getting married), bought a house, got promoted (several times at aforementioned adult job), bought my first lawn mower, broke my first lawn mower, completed my internship, and went on several much-needed vacations.

I am now awaiting the arrival of my first child, and I could not be happier. Nor could I feel more fulfilled. Life is awesome.

I know there are many others who have accomplished tons of different things during their grad school terms, and I hope you all take the time to celebrate the culmination of your losses, gains, growing pains, silver linings, crown achievements, scraped knees and everything else dotted between.

A wonderful year to you all.

You did it, dude.

– Zach

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