Week 3: CDM calculation

My work in the last week, was to study calculations in CDM biogas methodology. CDM, Clean Development Mechanism, is the only mechanism to reduce greenhouse gas emssions from developing countries by creating partnerships between developed countries and developing countries. In emission measurement, there are a lot of complex equations.


These are some math formulaes in the methodology, and these are 31 formulaes in total. Honestly, these formulaes are not that easy for me, a science-background graduate student, to understand. So for countries without good education, it is tough for them to start a CDM application.


As we know, the majority of historical greenhouse gas emission in the atmosphere comes from developed countries, but those countries want developing countries to take the same responsibility to reduce the emission. The US even quitted from Kyoto Protocol and this behavior made a lot of countries annoying. I think all the emission reduction participants have the right to ask:”why you want us to take your responsibility while you do nothing?”And according to Chinese history documents, the climate was getting much colder in the past thousands of years, so that a little bit hotter will not be a big deal, but coastal and island countries have to think about their survival due to their low sea level.

In the western world, there is a saying “do as what I say, not what I do”. But yourself cannot to something, how can you require others since you cannot achive it? Comparing with this saying, I prefer another saying from Confusius:”If the ruler himself is upright all will go well even though he does not give orders. But if he himself is not upright, even though he gives orders, they will not be obeyed.”


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