Choco Vibe in Panama

The company, ForestFinance, I do the intern has done a successful industry transformation, extending its market to cafeteria which combine coffee with chocolate. Recently, ¨Eat local, support local business¨ this slogan is popular buzz words in the Instagram  Panamanian food sector. In my opinion, the emotion of the expanded Panama canal is not only driving patriotic mind but also rising local market trend to serve their food which indigents grown from local Panama. ForestFinance invested the chocolate maker Oro Moreno to form a relationship more than supplier and buyer or producer and clients. In this business model, the raw material of chocolate Cacao is provided from the plantations of the ForestFinance from the plantation of Boca del toro, Panama. And then they decide to do joint venture to open a Panamanian cultural style cafeteria in Casco Antiguo (old area), a zone where contains abundant historical sense of  Panama.  Therefore, from ForestFinance to Oro Moreno to the final costumer; just like their slogans explained how the expansion  the business market to next level.  Extended the market  area from ” From tree to bar” to “From tree to shop”. ForestFinance established a completed supply chain which involved their business role as supplier and investor in order to achieve the maxima potential profit on each lucre of investment. Oro Moreno as a boutique chocolatier also cooperates with many local Panama upscale restaurants, worldwide well-known hotel chains, supermarkets even with international  airport Tocumen. I think this is a really successful strategy to establish its reputation and target certain customer groups not only people local but also those travelers who have ability to purchase the chocolate at a not cheap price. Oro Moreno also will release the customize chocolate designed for special date cause  holiday is extremely important to Panamanians. This kind of business model is small but I believe the profit is considerable. Cowgirl chocolates, a artisan chocolate company said “they strive to attain an average gross profit margin of 65 percent in its retail business, after ingredients and packaging”. And according to their official statement, they maintain successfully all their products gross profit margin between 58 % to 72 % (Timothea). Hence, I think this should be a good start for ForesFinance to step into another industry which also combine  their professional forestal management knowledge.  I´m looking forward to the opening ceremony in Casco Antiquo in this end of month!!



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