week 1, section 1: gas flow meter guideline translation

The first task I need to finish is to translate a guideline book of a gas flow meter. As an international student from China, of course I can do bilingual in a lot of works. I can read, write and speak in both English and Chinese. Unfortunately, I cannot translate.

I cannot translate because in my learning experience English and Chinese are separate. I love ancient Chinese, but translating ancient Chinese articles into Modern Chinese is still difficult for me. To be honest, jumping between two languages always makes me feel confused and exhausted.

My external supervisor asked me to do a translation in March, and I made it into a mass. So I realized there are huge differences between two languages and translating needs skills. My best friend, major in English, recommended a book to me about the comparisons between two languages and also two different cultures.

During this summer, I read this book twice. It helped me a lot in overcoming barriers in different explanations. However, since I am not good at grammar (I do hate the complexity of English grammar. Chinese is never this complicated.), some examples in the book is still tough for me to read.


This is the book and some of my highlights. It told me how to translate and my translation this time was much better than before.

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