Week 2: BMP


In Water Sensitive Urban Design, a course in PCGS in spring 2016, the term BMP refers to Best Management Practice for managing water in civil engineering. But in biogas field, this term, BMP, refers to Biomethane Potential.

BMP, talks about potential production rate of a specific feedstock. Or maybe we can call it capacity as well. The BMP of a feedstock, such as livestock manure, can be tested in lab manually or automatically.


The BMP of a feedstock can be tested through several steps:

1. collect and weigh a specific amount of feedstock as several samples;

2. put these samples in closed bottles;

3. create the most suitable environment for a couple of days until no gas release;

4. collect and purify all biogas released and measure the volume number;

5. calculate BMP result.

For biogas, it is common to see a relatively high BMP in digestate. For some people, it means wasting material, but other people tend to believe it is a proper way to save time to produce more biogas in one period of time.

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