Week 1, Section 2: marketing survey on gas flow meter

The second part of my work in this week is to do a market survey on other meter suppliers in China. So I need to be like a meter buyer, ask them about their meter-prices, and write a report to analyze how they set their prices.

With the help from Internet,  I found 9 suppliers who sell gas flow meters. I wrote down their phone numbers and social communication account. I also saw 2 wet gas flow meter sellers, but this is another category which is widely used in labs, not industries.

At first, I thought buying a meter was just like shopping in supermarkets. Price tag should be obvious and small adjustments might exist due to different sizes. But I was wrong. I made the first phone call, but the guy on his side was not patient enough. From his words, I realized that a meter buyer need to know the specific kind of meter he want, such as orifice, material and so forth. Another seller gave me a lot of advice in how to choose a meter according to different requirements.


this table is from a meter guideline and you need to make choices in each categories.

I also found fake phone numbers and unavailable social accounts. To be honest, it is never a good manner to waste other people’s time in this way. A good start is important, but many people do not have a good end.


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