Plugging in data

The past few weeks have been a little slower with meetings from various companies that will help with the development and most importantly my constant ‘Performance Metrics’ document that is expending. As mentioned in a previous post I believe, I am trying to quantify as much data as possible in order to then tell an accurate story about the district. From the current air quality in the district boundaries, number of jobs,  access to green space, traffic crashes in the last five years, to the current active transportation support there are many metrics to quantify. I am now to the point that I have almost all the information needed and will be able to present accurately the current data in my final presentation. With this precious data, a master plan specifically for the WELL Community certification will be easier.

I have also been able to compare the LEED ND and WELL Community Standards a bit better and now have a better idea of where we stand to potentially certify the district LEED ND as well. So as you might see, all of this requires a lot of data research and plug in excel spreadsheets.

As my internship is coming to an end within the next few weeks, I am spending a lot of time working on my paper and trying to make all this research meaningful for my team.

Below is a drawing of the transit and bicycle facilities in the district which I am sure most will enjoy considering the fact that transit in Tampa Bay is a novelty. There are no current plans for a light rail tram system in Tampa, even though it would be a dream come true for me, but as you may know the transportation issue in our region is extremely political and sensitive.

Transit - Copy

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