Management in an enterprise

My internship is in an machine-selling company called bioprocess control. It is a small company in Sweden with no more than twenty staff and I am in its branch in Beijing. It sellings its own machine, which tests biomethane potential, and other stuff related to biogas projects.

An order was sent to Sweden about a machine requirement. The order said a machine with 24 V, which was wrong. The receiver found the mistake, communicated with the Beijing side and said he will send the right machine and regardless about the wrong part in the order. But he was absent when the machine was sending. The other person who sent the machine does not know the mistake in the order and sent a wrong one to Beijing.

They all said it is correct to separate tasks clearly and reduce overlaps between each other. I think it is easy for big companies to do so since there are many staff in each department and if someone is absent others can take his work so that no delays will happen. But here, what I see is the consumer made phone calls but the responsible person was not there so that delays happened a lot. For such a tiny enterprise, one person have to take care of one or even two departments. If the responsible person cannot show up in accidents, things have to delay. I do think small companies should be flexible to fit in different situations since they are not comparable to big enterprises.

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