Explore the society and nature of Panama

On July.6, I went to the conference which held by the Ciudad del saber and a private Bridge Innovation Capital. The topic of the conference is those opportunities to do business with China. The immigration and the population from china keep growing in Panama recently. The Chinese power has transcended into key influence player in aspects of society, economy and political power in over past 150 years. With my observation and the communication with people in Panama, the Chinese community is common to see in even rural area. They often are owners of mini supermarkets or restaurants; the local people give those shops a nickname as “chinitos”. There are existing two Chinese powers within those Chinese communities in panama which are power from Taiwan or China. Those two powers are vying the using right of the Panama Canal and country diplomatic recognition from Panama government. It is interesting for me as Taiwanese to participate this conference to know how those Panamanians to deal the economic power from both Chinese powers in panama if they would like to open the company in Taiwan or China, also the stereotype of Chinese people. However, those two Chinese powers compete with each other but also cooperate with each other, at least in Panama. They will support the organizations together such as “APROCHIPA”, which is association of business for Chinese-Panamanians in Panama in order to foster the economic power and influence to the global market.


[This photo I took with Sandra chung, the presidentof the APROCHIPA 2016.]

The other highlight of this blog is the promenade trip in the Valley Anton which located in the Coclé province of Panama. Drove about two hours from Panama City.

Because of its elevation so the weather over there is much cooler than lowland Panama city. This is a small volcanic town with lots of natural attractions, including the view of waterfall around the small town and hiking up to the mountain surrounded by the forest in comfortable temperature. In here, you also have a chance to see the Rana dorada Panameña (Panamanian golden frog or Atelopus zeteki) which is critically endanger toed and also is the national symbol of Panama. It is said that if you are lucky enough if you see it when the toad dies, because they will turn to complete gold when they died and it is believed to bring the good luck. So you also can see their image in state lottery ticket! Furthermore, there has a place to give you a small tour about the butterfly. I am most surprised that the pineapple and banana are part of the food for those butterflies!


[upper is golden frog, lower is butterflies with banana and pineapple.]

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