Life class in Panama

I visited village San Jose which is where my project conducted once a week in past few weeks in Panama. What I’m doing is community observation within this small remote village, using my eyes to explore this small village, as well as, using the camera to recode the village life. The hardest part of the observation record is that I would never know what the people said in the next minute, therefore it is a huge challenge for me in understanding the Spanish or taking note on the paper. I am so thankful for their patient and the help from my supervisor. Those people who live in the village might not have a wealth material life. There is no air conditioner, no TV and even no flash toilet but I always can see their big smile on their faces and their kindness heart and hostility. The residents even greeted with you no matter where you are or who you are. During these weeks of my staying in Panama, the life experiences itself to me are just like a series of class of life and spirit. Last weekend, I went to San Blas islands constitute more than 360 small sand island located in Caribbean ocean. The indigenous called Kuna Yala live in such rustic and condition on the islands as their ancestors. During the island life for three days, I enjoyed the reefs and snorkeling, furthermore, understand a bit about the culture of the Kuna people. They believe they come from two angels and have a matriarchal society also they speak in an unwritten language called Kuna language throughout the community, instead of Spanish. The Kuna manage their tribe identity and contentedly lead a life balanced with ocean and natural. Sometimes, people just forget how to live with simple and treat people with their hearts purely. As the results, human don’t cherish what they owned and keep over-wasting the natural resources. It turns out take everything as granted. The most valuable thing I had learnt from the village or in island is that wealth doesn’t mean you have better quality of life. Your attitude determined your desire and your life altitude.


Had a great interview with local resident family in San Jose this week.


Amazing beach view in San Blas island, Diablo.

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