Blog 3: Halfway Through

Some flags on display at the UN Secretariat

After attending several meetings on the upcoming High-Level Political Forum and the longer-term position of the UN Development System, I have a better understanding on the purpose of these forums and discussions. When the Panel and Member States are exchanging recommendations, questions, and concerns, I can follow along and understand the basis of what is being said.

I also attended the Humanitarian Affairs Segment, which discusses economic, humanitarian, and disaster relief assistance. This really interested me and is also pertinent to the future of tourism in developing regions of the world.

Humanitarian Affairs Segment playing a video on displaced peoples 

These forums, meetings, and discussions are all related to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda and will require a cohesive and integrated approach to make the world a better place.

The four main principles of the SDGs are as follows:

  1. The SDGs are universal
  2. The SDGs are indivisible
  3. Ensuring no one is left behind
  4. Linking together the main themes of all SDGs
  5. Work in partnerships

I am basically half way through my internship and about a month away from going home and turning in my final paper. I have started to add to and edit my internship proposal based on my internship experiences and further research I have done on the SDGs and tourism. Some of the objectives and research objectives in my paper have been removed, however my main topic is still the same and will still encompass the applicability of the SDGs to the tourism industry.

Update: The World Tourism Organization officially moved to a new office building that is closer to the UN Secretariat Building.

New building for the UNWTO

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