Let’s talk green buildings

Last week I went to the USGBC mid-year retreat in Jacksonville to discuss green buildings. It was 3 days packed with conferences, meetings and socializing with people from around the country that all work in sustainability and green buildings… so of course super exciting! Talking with different people about our WELL Community development in Tampa was interesting and I received great reviews and comments.

I got to meet Rick Fedrizzi, the founder and CEO of the USGBC. He wrote a book called Greenthink: How Profit Can Save the Planet; I read about a third of the book so far and it is very interesting and I recommend it to everyone. Plus the proceeds of the book go to USGBC’s Project Haiti and the Center for Green Schools initiatives.


I was hoping to talk to some people that have worked on some LEED Neighborhood Development projects somewhere in the country because I have a long list of questions but unfortunately I did not get to meet someone that had experience in this field – still pretty rare. So I am going to have to do more research online and hopefully find the answers I am looking for for my paper.

I had never been to Jacksonville so it was the perfect occasion for me to discover another city in Florida… well I was a little disappointed. We didn’t have much time to walk around the city because it was mostly conferences all day. From what I saw, the city was pretty and a lot of historic buildings on the river, similar to us in Tampa. But overall, the downtown did not look very connected or engaged… some of you will say that it’s the same in Tampa; but I have seen great progress here within the past 3 years and very soon we will have a great downtown where people come to hangout at night and on the weekends.

Below are a few pictures of my stay in Jacksonville.

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