Infographics & Menu Inserts

Last semester we were assigned a project to create an infographic, and luckily I chose to do mine on sustainable seafood. Over the last few days, I have been working with the marketing and social media departments to adapt my infographic, to help spread the word about the Florida Aquarium’s Seafood Now program. The infographic will be used on the program’s website, as well as being post and blog content for the aquarium’s social media accounts.

Additionally, I have also been working on designing a small handout with some basic questions and answers about sustainable seafood, and details on where to find seafood guides. Eventually, the handout will be given to each of the Seafood Now business partners for distribution to customers to help them make informed seafood choices, while simultaneously promoting sustainable seafood in the local Tampa community.

I have also been working with the marketing team to begin editing the Seafood Now webpages. Initially, the program had one page that was rather boring, full of text and only a couple images. To liven up the site and make it a little more interactive, I have added an informative video generated by our partners at Seafood Watch, and updated the content. I have also added two new subpages to the Seafood Now parent page, one being Consumer Information, and the second, Business Partners. I have included some basic information about the Seafood Now program, along with some basic questions and answers about sustainable seafood, downloadable PDF versions of Seafood Watch’s seafood guides for Florida and Sushi that consumers can print themselves, links to Seafood Watch’s smartphone app, and a widget that is connected to the Florida Aquarium’s Pinterest board featuring sustainable seafood recipes. The business partner page is pretty basic so far, and only includes an overview of the initiative and a link to connect with Seafood Now about becoming a partner. Once business partners have been confirmed with a signed agreement, we will be adding the business’ logos and links to their websites for cross promotion.

We still have a long road in front of us, which is pretty daunting since it does not seem like my research will be concluded in enough time to really get a good idea of which promotion methods are effective, which will definitely not be beneficial for my final paper. Ten weeks seems like a long time on at first, but when every component of the project has to be cleared by numerous different departments things seem to move very slowly. I wish I had more time to see all of this through, but I can’t really continue working for free. Though, it will be nice to know that I have basically set up an entire sustainable program for promotions in the Tampa community, and I hope that this endeavor will eventually help residents and visitors to think a little more about the impacts of individual actions.

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