Week 4: Crunch Time & Island Adventures

As I enter my final week, it’s time to enter crunch mode! Although I had a lot of difficulty getting focused on my research, it’s been in full swing. I had a meeting with the Malama Kauai staff and they helped me hone in on where my talents and research endeavors would be most appreciated and valued.

Over the last few days, I’ve been doing independent research away from the school. A few of the people I’m working with from Malama Kauai are currently at a Farm to School Conference on Oahu. While it would’ve been great to join them, I’m still able to participate by sending them specific questions to ask. It’s like I have secret agents gathering intel for me! Now that there is more focus for my project, I’m feeling pretty comfortable with my time and research here.

Wailua Falls, view after a treacherous hike.

When I’m not working on my research, though, I am doing my best to experience the wonders of Hawaii! The other day, Hsin and I went on an adventure to see Wailua falls. While it was exciting and fun, unfortunately, it was NOT the best conditions for such a trek! It was muddy, buggy and steep. I felt like a real-life Laura Croft that day.

The stunning view from outside of Queen’s Bath.
Hsin, Kelley and I also got to see and swim in the Queen’s Bath, a natural saltwater pool fed by the ocean waves and tides. While it felt a lot less risky, there was definitely a lot of inherent danger. Nonetheless, we were all careful and stayed with other locals and tourists. This is a pretty popular destination. There were so many children and families! The view looking out from here was stunning. And occasionally, you could see a sea turtle poke his head out of the water in the rough waves. Maybe my next song should be about sea turtles….

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