Happy volunteer

After the first week of orientation, all of the interns were got used to live in the Kauai. Although our mission is to research the possible solution for the solar panel, we also help the local farmer to do what they need. As the figure show, we were the happy volunteers for the local farm to build the fence that they need. I was so happy to be the volunteer for the local farmer, which makes me to understand how hard work they do.13442283_1115914841764465_6343951989120086492_n Moreover, the local farmers teach us what they plant and how they plant the non-GMO fruit. They patiently illustrated knowledge that they have. In the second week of internship in the Kauai, I not only help the local farmers to build the fence but also learn a lot of information about organic food. The following figure show the information of seed that local farmer plant.

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