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This week of my internship brought many new surprises. I spent the better part of each morning surveying tourists at the southernmost point of the US – a popular tourist destination on the island – marked by a large red and yellow buoy. During peak mid-day hours, the wait for the photo opportunity can reach over 20 minutes, which turns out to be a perfect opportunity for a time killing survey. Unlike other potential survey locations such as the airport or restaurants, those waiting in line at the southernmost point are guaranteed to be tourists.

There was a little problem solving needed early in the week. Since the surveys were created with an online program, the internet and internet capable devices are needed to conduct the surveys. Thankfully a few friends were willing to lend me a tablet and an iPad, and my lovely mother was willing to add a few gigs to her air card and let me borrow it. This provided for easy survey giving, right on the sidewalk, to tourists waiting in line.

In the middle of Tuesdays workday, I received a surprising message from a journalist at the local newspaper, The Key West Citizen. The journalist was sending a photographer over from the paper for the following day’s story on my research! Shortly thereafter I was posing for a photo op with a very nice survey participant. Here is the link: The photo above is the print version of the newspaper.

In conjunction with the in-person surveys (given out the in the sweltering heat and humidity of Key West), online surveys were also distributed this week. The good new is, after only a week, over half of the 400 surveys needed are complete! With any luck, the second week of surveying will round out the rest of what is needed and I will be able to begin my analysis of the results.

If you are reading this, have visited Key West before, and still haven’t taken the survey, please consider taking it here:

Of course in my free-time I did not forget to enjoy what Key West has to offer. The photo below is from the sunset celebration down on Mallory Square. This escape artist broke free from a straight jacket and chains while riding a unicycle. Quite a show! Check it out:

IMG_20160612_185423457 (1)

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