Farmers Union Meeting

13442235_1115914751764474_3447964151058590976_nIn the third week, we went to the farmer union meeting to meet much more local farmers. In this the farmers union meeting, their organization and way to disuses totally surprise me. Usually, I thought that this farmer union meeting might be a event that purpose is to connect local farmer. However, I was wrong. The farmers Union not only connect the local farmers but also teach local farmers about the latest agricultural knowledge. As the figure show, the host stands in front of local farmers and then teaches those farmers about a organic agricultural book published by a Korean agricultural doctor. The farmers focus on the lecture and take note that even harder than the classmate who I met in class at USF. After the theory lecture, each farmer give their practical experience to show what challenge they face. I am very surprised the this logical and organized way to maintain the meeting. I also feel that a lot of people put their effort in sustainability.

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