FSC auditing and River adventure

The duration from the Jun.6 to Jun.10 was FSC annual renew certificated process for Forestfinance. My supervisor, Sabine was in charge of the renewal certificated process with the company forest engineer, Pedro and the head forest operations,Yaels. SO, what is FSC(Forest Stewardship Council)? FSC is non-government and non-profit organization dedicated to ensure sustainable production process for all forest-related products with two important elements which are forest management and chain of custody(CoC). All the suppliers and producers who are involved in the supply chain must be certificated by FSC first from forest plantation to final products that deliver to the hand of customers. However, instead of FSC performs the audition, FSC authorize the third international certificated institution party. There are three types of certification marks as below:


ForestFinance is audited by SGS global service. The audition process continued one week. The auditor came to the office to review those documents with Yaels, Sabine and Pedro first, and then audit the plantations. During being in the fieldwork, auditor asked some questions to the employees who work in the plantation randomly in order to ensure the company obeyed the regulars/norms of forest management during the past year. After went through those auditing process, the auditor will provided the suggestions for improvements which should be completed this year by next month. There are three types of findings in the final report which are:

  1. Major non-conformities: Those non-conformities must be corrected and resolved within three months.
  2. Minor non-conformities
  3. Obsevations

The findings of categories 2 and 3 should be resolved until the next audit.

This weekend my collages and I had a forest adventure in Rio Mamoni for our rafting trip that is close (1.5 hour ride) to the Panama city where is one of the plantation locations of ForesFinance. We were a group of 10 people with two experienced guides. I saw the potential of developments of eco-tourism over there cause the river is a class II-IV river and located in the Mamoni preserved area. The trip lead visitors an amazing landscape and some nice and exciting rapids. Therefore, the green original forest grown along with the whole river trip. However, the travel agency should invest the security measures during the trip. Because this is raining season in Panama, some parts of the river were too turbulent to rafting on the small boats. Thus, we had to climb up to the rock and cliff to pass through without any security tools.


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